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A Good Trading Strategy is the Bridge
between Goals and Accomplishments

Amazing Strategy

T rading in stock market is like a double-edged sword. If we do not have a proper, specific trading strategy, we not only lose precious Time but also our Capital.
Therefore, put a full stop to all your recurring losses. Instead of depending on ‘advisory services’ continuously, learn this Amazing Strategy and trade to your heart’s content for the ‘Rest of Your Life’ independently.

In other words, learn ‘How to Catch a Fish’.

We have developed an Innovative, Foolproof nifty option strategy. The strategy is safe, robust and protects the capital from all kinds of trading risks.


In stock market, do not aspire for windfall profits. It is not that we do not get them, but they are few and far in between. Sustaining in the market is more important that ultimately paves the way to deep profits.

Success in stock market is very easy for those who define their goals. Our expectations should be in sync with market realities. One must also have the required knowledge and maturity to understand and accept what stock market offers us.

Expectation of unattainable and unrealistic ‘rate of returns’ will only lead to disappointment and despair. First, one must assess one’s risk appetite, as it differs from person to person.

High returns ? At the cost of exposing our total capital to market risks ? Few wrong trades and one will be down and out of the markets forever.

( Or )

Total safety to our capital (just like depositing our money in a Bank), Yet superior returns consistently.

The ‘Amazing Strategy’ we have developed is Foolproof and Protects entire capital in all types of markets---Bull, Bear, Range-bound and Trending---Yet generates between 8%-15% average monthly returns.

Salient Features
Totally tension-free trading. Gap Up or Gap Down market openings are a joy to watch.
Avoids overheads such as the use of costly software, subscription to advisory services.
Safety AAA
There is no difference----whether we deposit our amount in a Nationalised Bank or invest in this strategy.
Amazing Flexibility
From day 1 the strategy is initiated and before the expiry of a month, if we want to pull out of the strategy for whatever reason or need part of our capital back for emergency purposes, we can withdraw the principle capital, just like how we normally withdraw money from a Bank Account or ATM.
Better Than a Job!
One can compare implementing this ‘Amazing Strategy’ to a person attending a Job. Employed persons get their salary by month-end. In a similar way, this unique trading method yields profit----only profit----before month-end every month. This strategy totally eliminates any possibility of ‘loss of capital’ in any form and generates only ‘income’.
While in a job one gets only a fixed remuneration every month, ‘Amazing Strategy’ in the months of breakouts, fetches us Stupendous Returns in addition to the monthly assured rate of Return on Capital (ROC).
Returns Attractive Even on Borrowed Capital
As the Strategy yields us between 8%-15% average monthly returns one can even borrow funds, if they have access to cheap capital, at a nominal rate of interest, and can reap astonishing returns by employing the strategy every month. Thus, even on borrowed capital, the implementation of the strategy is Viable and Attractive.
Trading Becomes a Joy
We will cherish our journey in stock market and savour the feeling of extracting consistent profits every month to the hilt.
The ‘Amazing Strategy’ is a positional option strategy.
Ideal For
The strategy allows Office-goers, Businessmen (and those who cannot afford to watch stock market full day) to trade on par with other full-time professional traders.
Retired people, Housewives who are in need of additional income. Unemployed youth in their bid towards achieving financial freedom---this perfect strategy serves as a lucrative part-time activity.
Those who have access to large chunks of cash reserves. The more capital one can pool up and deploy the more Spectacular the returns would be.
Money-lenders and investors in other Asset Classes who take maximum risk and get 3%-5% ROC. This strategy yields 8%-15% average monthly returns effortlessly without any Complication and Risk.
Pensioners, who in lure of a few higher percentage point returns, deploy their hard-earned money in dubious private financial institutions.
Final Call
In a nutshell, Trading in stock market without a Strategy is like trying to build a house without a Blueprint. Any Strategy that has been developed by including Years of Research and achieves the twin objectives of ‘Capital Safety’ and ‘Consistent Profits’ in any market condition is worth exploring at any cost. For further insights and fruitful discussions please contact us only after reading and understanding the 'Disclaimer' page.
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