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'Option Tamer' Training Course

Option trading is beginners’ nightmare. The complexity is such, in some cases, even if one buys the right kind of option and the market moves in the predicted direction, still one ends up on losing side! Therefore, Option Tamer’ Training Course is designed to help Investors and Traders with little or no knowledge of Option Greeks solve option intricacies.

It is an in-depth and comprehensive course encompassing all facets of option trading. It starts with the coverage of fundamentals and other basic concepts such as what is a PE or CE? What is ITM, ATM & OTM? Do we really have to learn about the components of Option Premium? Why different option strikes react differently to market movements? Why margin requirements differ for buying and selling of options? What is Span Margin Trading? And gradually introduces other advanced and key concepts such as Spreads; How to identify and initiate suitable option strategies for different types of markets; How to create Hedging to your trades; Selection of Strikes; etc. The course material is precise and covers only the required topics, themes & issues in depth and proves to be a rich source of information and a great value addition even to the professional traders.

On completion of the course, one can trade like a regular, full time professional. They not only gain a firm grip on option trading but also will be able to form their own trading strategies. They will be able to give shape to their ideas and convert them into profitable trades. They can design and execute their trades with precision, confidence and peace of mind. For them Option Trading now looks simple and more attractive like never before.

Those interested in seeking the Course can express their willingness either by submitting the Feedback form or can ‘Contact Us’ directly.

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